About Me

20161030_163133Hi!  My name is Kellie, and along with my husband, I have 5 beautiful children, a dog, a cat, and a garden.  While we have traveled a fair amount of the country, and called several areas home, we currently live in the beautiful, rolling hills of northern Kentucky.

I am lucky to be a stay at home wife to Micah, and mama to Sofi, Walter, Elliott, William, and Blake.  We homeschool, technically, unschool.

I started blogging, many moons ago, to share my experience as a mom in a natural living family.  I’ve covered topics from cloth diapering, to circumcision, to natural birth, to food sensitivities and allergies, along with tips for basic parenting, household upkeep, and organization.  I love helping other people.  I love making people’s lives easier.  Blogging gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with others who can benefit from my experience.

We are working toward our home becoming as self-sufficient of a homestead as possible.  I am looking forward to sharing our journey with my readers!  Please like Naturally Kellie on Facebook, Pinterest sign up for email updates, or leave a comment for me – I love to stay in touch with my readers!


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