Always Learning

Welcome to the August 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Life Learners

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have talked about how they continue learning throughout life and inspire their children to do the same.


One of the things I think I am particularly good at is learning.  I am constantly learning something.  I read, and research.  Even if I am doing my research from articles posted by friends on Facebook, I am always open to new information coming in.  Sometimes there is a project that I am actively learning about, which my children are really able to see – like how to raise ducks.  Sometimes, what I’m learning is deeper, and they aren’t as able to see it or understand it yet – like white privilege.  And sometimes, the projects are so big that my children are actively included in my learning.

My latest big learning project has been my journey into essential oils.  I’ve used essential oils for years, but had never been able to harness the power of them to really use them productively.  I’d always used lower quality oils, and not really seen results.  But several months ago, I bit the bullet and bought some high quality oils from a reputable company.  The difference in the quality was so strong that I was immediately able to tell results from the better oils.  When I started seeing results, I began incorporating them into our daily lives, and the kids began learning about them as well, by extension.

It’s been really fun to watch the kids, following my example and learning to support their own bodies’ healing.  It is really rewarding to know that my entire family is being empowered by my learning endeavors.  And it is wonderful to know that my children are seeing my example of continuing to learn, no matter what stage of life I am in!  Knowing that they will think it normal to be open to new information really makes my heart sing.  I want them to be open to new ideas, and to continue to grow, throughout their lives!


If you’d like to learn more about essential oils, and how to use them to empower your own family, please like my Facebook page, Essentially Healthy Home.


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13 thoughts on “Always Learning

    1. It really does! How could I expect them to learn if I don’t want to do it? When they see me learning all about something, it helps them to know that they can dive deep into something and learn all about it.


    1. I’ve really started to understand why people say they “love” essential oils. I always thought that people were just exaggerating, and liked things that smelled pretty. Learning about all of the different, amazing things they can be used for has been very eye opening for me – and I definitely love my oils these days!


  1. We’ve just (fairly) recently begun to learn more and use some essential oils in our house. I love that they really do have documented health benefits and healing qualities. I think it’s so so important to really learn all that can be learned about them though, because they do have the potential to be harmful if used improperly! 🙂


    1. For sure, it is always important to know all you can about what you put on or in your body. Pretty much everything can be harmful if used improperly! 😀


  2. Thanks for sharing. it sounds like you’re learning a lot about essential oils and that your children are also really benefiting from this. I also feel it is really rewarding to know our children are empowered by our learning endevours, for me it is forest school and for you essential oils. I really like this sentence as it really resonates with me; Knowing that they will think it normal to be open to new information really makes my heart sing.’ Indeed it does make my heart sing too. Thanks a lot


    1. I always think it is funny when they ask me a question that I don’t know the answer to. At this point, knowing that we can easily learn about things, they are not satisfied until I’ve helped them to find their answer. One evening recently, they asked such a question and when I replied that I didn’t know, they both looked at me like I was being a bit daft and one of them said, “Well there’s a tablet sitting right there….” LOL! I love that they have that sense of, “let’s find out” and that they don’t think there is anything odd about it.


  3. There are a lot of things about Facebook that make me crazy, but I do love the amount of spontaneous learning that happens simply because I am open to reading articles that I never would have sought out on my own. I love how one random post can sometimes lead to me spending hours following links and learning more!


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