Second Annual NPN Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway (MightyNest – 12/6, 26 winners, US only ARV $2587.26)

Second Annual NPN Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway (12/6, 24 winners, US only ARV $2587.26)


This is a Joint Review and Giveaway of the Amalfie Mug and Jardin Silicone Coasters from MightyNest between Natural Parents Network and Our Mindful Life.

About Mighty Nest

amalfi-mugAll products on MightyNest are free of lead, BPA, PVC, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, melamine, chemical flame retardants and more. They choose products made of stable non-leaching materials such as glass, food grade stainless steel, silicone, natural wood and bamboo, organic cotton and natural rubber.  My family got the chance to review the Amalfie Mug and the Jardin silicone coasters.

Our Experience

We love these little mugs!  At first glance, they are super cute without being cutesy.   They are perfect for everyday use for the kids or for serving up hot drinks at a sophisticated party.  The six ounce size is a bit small for Daddy’s morning cup of coffee, but it was perfect for hot cocoa for the rest of us.  It would also be perfect for a cup of tea or for an evening serving of fancy coffee when you may not want as much.  The glass is heavy duty enough to not shatter when filled with a hot drink.  When full and hot, it was a bit heavy for Elliott to handle – he is just 2 years old.  But for even a slightly older child, it would have been manageable.  And once it was half full and a little cooler, he was happily handling the mug all by himself.

JardinFigCoasterFINALA great pairing with the mugs was the Jardin Silicone Coasters.  We love our coasters at our house!  We had the privilege of inheriting Micah’s grandparents’ cherry dining set several years ago.  While we understand that it will eventually need to be refinished after surviving our children we really try to minimize damage to it.  So, coasters are a must for us!  We’ve tried several different varieties over the years, and the silicone is a definite favorite.  They insulate the table from the hot mugs, and keep the condensation from cold drinks off the table as well.  But another bonus is that they pad the table from the cups, and they pad the cups from the table!  My kids use real glass cups at home, and sometimes they come down a little harder than expected.  With harder coasters, or no coasters at all, I’m always worried about the glass breaking or scratching the table.  But the silicone keeps that from happening all around!  And, they are really pretty, too.

Sustainability Practices

This is a company after my own heart.  I am so wary of chemicals in products that my family uses.  Our family also works so hard to live as sustainably as possible.  This company is working hard to help out families like ours in making purchases that they can feel good about.  All of their products are toxin free.  Beyond that, they look for the safest materials.  Much of their packaging is recycled and recyclable.  So, when you purchase from them, you can rest assured that the products you are buying are safe for your family and for the environment – without spending hours researching.

Buy it!

You can purchase this set of Four Amalfie Mugs and Four Jardin Coasters at Mighty Nest for $37.  And, honestly, there are a slew of amazing products available at this company.  There are several items that would make great gifts for the holidays.  This set of Lys Square Glass Food Storage Bowls has made my Christmas wish list!


For your own chance to win a set of four Amalfie mugs and four Jardin Silicone Coasters from Mighty Nest, or one of 25 huge prize packages we’re giving away, come back to this post on November 6th when our Rafflecopter widgets will go live for your chance to enter! Or you can visit Natural Parents Network on November 6th to see and enter to win all of our fantastic prize packages at once!

Disclosure: Our reviewer received a sample product for review purposes.
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We try to seek out only products we think you would find relevant and useful to your life as a natural parent.
If we don’t like a product, we won’t be recommending it to you.
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