Mom Hacks Monday – An Apron at Meals

One thing that I see lots of moms struggling with is keeping food off of the kids’ clothes at meals and snacks. We have found a simple solution that works very well for us.  We get dressed before breakfast every day and wear the same clothes until bedtime, unless there is a special occasion, without too many mishaps.  Our secret to clean clothes?

Look at how cute they were!  I can’t believe this was just a year and a half ago!

They each have full aprons that cover their clothes.  They hang on the back of each child’s chair and the kids know to pop them on when we are sitting down to eat!  Actually, now that they are a bit older, they only put them on for messy meals, but it used to be for EVERY meal.  The apron gets dirty, and the outfit stays clean.  When we are done eating breakfast, even if we have to dash out the door, we just wipe hands and faces and head out!

So there you have it!  The apron is not just for baking anymore!

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