Things We Love

I am a declutterer.  When the tension is high, I start moving things out.  I really try to keep my life and my home filled with things that are useful, beautiful and that I love

Now that we are in the midst of a cross country move (again), I’ve gone through every item in our home again and moved on everything we can live without.  Yet, we had to rent two trailers and a moving truck to move all of our things here.

This is such a stark contrast to living in a camper!  And yet, we are not the least bit sorry about it.  On the contrary, our entire family has come to realize how much we love the possessions we have collected, because each item is carefully selected.

We have enjoyed our time in the camper, and we are grateful that we have been able to stay together during this phase of our move.  But we are happily searching out our own little farm now!

 While Walter is looking forward to having ALL of his things back, I am most excited about my favorite rocking chair again.


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