Who Would Bully a Baby?

Check out my guest post today at http://theyareallofme.blogspot.com/!  Destany is doing a great segment on bullying; engaging readers in a conversation about this pervasive phenomenon.

While I have always been aware that children are more than just tiny adults, I have always valued my children and respected them as much as I respect other adults.  But I have often noticed that many adults do not treat children in a way that they would treat other adults.  Many adults bully children – usually without even thinking about it – simply because the adults feel that they have a right to say what they please to children.

This tendency is one of the core types of bullying that I see happen to my children.

See the rest at http://theyareallofme.blogspot.com/2012/07/submitted-by-kellie-while-i-have-always.html!


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