Mom Hacks Monday – Upcycling Fabric for my Camper Redecorating

Upcycling fabric is one of my favorite things!  Some people look at an item that no longer fits, has a tear, has a big stain, or no longer works for what it has been, and they see trash.  But not me!  No siree.  Take, for instance, this table cloth.  Or, perhaps it was a patio umbrella cover, I’m not really sure.

What I am sure of is that I got it at a yard sale for 25 cents.  It is a big chunk of fabric that is 100% cotton.  And it is the perfect colors for my camper redec!  So, it came home with me.  And I pulled down all of the roses, roses, roses that were all over my camper…

Roses are nice and all, but I’m just a daisy girl.  Roses are simply not my thing.  So, while there is nothing *wrong* with the roses, they just weren’t right for me.  I am, however, into brighter colors.  So I knew that I wanted the camper to be brighter, and more cheery.  And I wanted that aqua velour couch to match whatever I did, because covering it would be a royal pain!

I found this rug and knew that it was my new door mat!  The colors were exactly what I was searching for.  And when I found the striped fabric, I knew the colors would be perfect.  So, now, my cabinets look like this.

Not a bad start on a makeover for 25 cents!!  And I pulled the roses off the bench to reveal…

More aqua velour!!!  Love it!!  Not.  I’m looking for fabric that coordinates with my stripes to cover the benches and the window valances.  You can see one of them in the picture above.  I have plenty of stripes left over to make appearances as hot pads or throw pillows.  I’ll find some trim to put around the cabinets as well.

Keep watching for more camper redec pictures, coming your way!  And while you are at it, keep watching for interesting fabric, even if it is currently in a different shape than you were expecting.


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