Foodie Friday – Potato Pockets

Papa is the creative force around every day food at our house.  I sift through recipes, pore over new ideas, research allergens, and decide what I want to try – then proceed cautiously, armed with 2 recipes at a minimum.  Papa, on the other hand, looks in the fridge, the pantry, and the fruit basket and steps boldly ahead into some new flavor combination or ingenuity.

Last night’s potato pockets were one of his more genius concepts.

We were serving baked potatoes (cooked in the campfire – yum!), and he split them in half the short way, and proceeded to scoop out and doctor the contents of the potato.

When he had it all smashed and seasoned to perfection, he looked at that empty potato skin sitting on his plate.  And that Papa light bulb flickered and came on.

 He loaded all that doctored up potato back into the skin and held it like a little pita pocket while he ate from the top.

The children were inspired also!

And the next thing we knew, there were potato pockets full of potatoes and steamed peas being scarfed down in record time.


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