Mom Hacks Monday – A Better Use for a Butterfly Net

We drive a VW Eurovan – the MV – which has the middle row of seats turned backward against the front seats, and a bench across the back.  We have a deep and undying love for our van.  Feel free to ask me all about it!

But, that isn’t what I am writing about today.  I am writing about the bench seat across the back of our van, which is a LONG way from the front seats.  Long as in, we once had a full sized washing machine in our van, with room for the kids to ride in their carseats too.

So we often run into an issue where we have a child WAY back in the back who needs something from WAY up in the front.  And then what is a mama or daddy to do?

We bought this fabulous butterfly net at the farmer’s market last summer, and it has since lived between the front and middle seats.  When a cherub in the back seat needs a water bottle, or an apple, or whatever else they may need rightthisminute, the item is placed in the net, and the net is reached to the back seat.  The cherub retrieves the item from the net, and the net is stowed again for the next emergency.  No tears required.

****Disclaimer – do not attempt this maneuver while driving a moving vehicle.  Please let the front seat passenger pass the net back, or pull over to allow the driver to pass items back.********


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