Snack Bottles

The kids and I did a few road trips recently. Ok, so maybe a bit more than a few. And all of this driving has really helped us to get a grip on some great travelling snacks! I’ll be sharing a good list of these later on this week. But for today, I’m going to share a great travel snack tip that I stumbled upon while driving from Ohio to Missouri last week. Walter wanted raisins for a snack while we were driving, but it really scares me to let him have anything so small in the backseat, since his seat is right next to Elliott’s.

Also, I only had a big bag of raisins, and would have to portion them out for him. I fished around for some small container to put them in, but I didn’t have any of my usual items with me. There were no baggies, no jars, no bowls. And as I dug and jostled through things, I remembered the ONE container in the entire van; an unused baby bottle that had come in the kit with my breast pump! So, I dug it up and put the raisins in the bottom. Now, I still didn’t realize how perfect this solution was at this point. It wasn’t until I watched him in the backseat with the raisins that I realized I had hit upon the PERFECT travel container!

The bottle had a lid, so if he decided not to finish, he could cap it back up and not spill in the back seat. The size and shape made it easy to hold – much easier than the canning jars we use much of the time. But the contour of the bottle is what made it the most perfect! Rather than pour the raisins into his had, dropping them all over the carseat, Walter was tipping the bottle up to his mouth as though he were drinking from it! Bingo! NO MESS! It really was a thing of beauty. And the wide bottom on the bottle meant that the raisins all fell right back to the bottom instead of clogging up inside the bottle, and causing frustration.

So, I finally found the perfect use for all of those old baby bottles. And from now on, baby bottles will be our go to container for snacks in the van!


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