Moving On

Things have been changing for our family, in many ways. The largest of which has been a cross country move. We have spent the last few months planning and preparing to move closer to my family, and it has been happening! Technically, our residence is still in Missouri, but Papa started his new job in Ohio on May 1, so we have bought a camper and we will be spending as much of the summer as necessary in it, until our house sells. Hopefully, that will happen sooner than later.

And with the move, other things have changed. One of these things being that I’ve closed Mindful Life Shop. 

And, since I’ve closed it, I feel more comfortable with having more personal information on my blog. I’ve long referred to the kids as the Bean, the Bug, and Squeaker, because I wasn’t comfortable with having their names, ages, personal information, pictures and their address all together on the internet. But, now that we are a bit more anonymous, I’m going to drop the pseudonyms in favor of their real names; Sofiya, Walter and Elliott.

Another thing that has changed is that Elliott is getting older and more mobile, which means that I have my hands to myself a bit more than I have for the past year. And at the same time, we’ve moved from roughly 1850 square feet into about 300 square feet of living space. So, I have more time and more hands! Which means I am planning on more blogging. I’ve got several blogs planned for this coming week, so stay tuned! 

Here’s hoping that I can be more regular with my blogs from now on.


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