Everybody Loves a Ride

Babywearing is one of the things that has made my parenting life so much easier and more pleasant.  We started off with a pouch style sling when Bean was a baby.  From about 6 weeks on she lived in the pouch and loved it!

She hung out in the warmth from my body and soaked up my smell.  She nursed.  And since she (and I) had a tendency to panic when we weren’t together, the pouch gave me my hands to do important things, like feed myself, while keeping her close.
Yet, the Bean is the only one of my babies who has been fond of our pouch.  I still have it.  I’ve tried it at different stages with each baby.  But she is the only one who has been truly happy in it.  Perhaps because she was so small.  When she was about three months old, she outgrew the pouch, and we moved on to ring slings.  Yes, plural.  I seem to have a thing for ring slings.
Above, the Bean with her first illness, cuddled in a heavy corduroy and flannel ring sling.  Below, the Bean at her first Easter in blue and white polka dot cotton ring sling.
Below, the Bug on his birthday in a cotton ring sling.  He did not like carriers much between about 6 weeks and 9 months, so there aren’t many pictures of him in them.

Even Daddy wore the kids sometimes!

We tried out the mei tai a few times, but no one really loved it.

Then we got an Ergo, which we all loved!  However, I can’t find a single picture of any of us in it.  However, it was truly worth the investment, and we used it tons.  I sometimes used the Ergo as a front pack with the Bean on my back as well.

Then I’ve got my water pouch, which I love and don’t use nearly as much as I wish I did.  It seems we don’t do a lot of swimming.

And for our new addition, I couldn’t resist just 1 more carrier!  So, we tried out a wrap.  Oh, my, this is my favorite ever!

The wrap is my truly hands free option.  It helps me to get done what I need to get done in a day with 3 little ones.  It keeps Squeaker happy hanging out snugly.  In fact, he gets so excited when he sees me get it out that he waves his little arms and legs and coos and laughs.  He loves it, as the Bug would say.  And so do we all.  Even my mom commented to someone one time while waiting for me to wrap him up, “It takes a while to get him in there, but it really is the best way to carry a baby.”  Proof that everybody loves a ride!


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