Putting the Year to Bed

With Halloween past, I am looking forward towards winter, and all that goes with it.  This stretch between mid-autumn and winter always feels to me like we are putting the year to bed.  The harvest is done.  We do the last of the yard work for the year.  We put away the children’s outdoor toys, and move the climber to the basement for letting off steam in the cold.  We begin to haul firewood up to the house for lighting a fire first thing in the chilly mornings.  We gather our leaves, acorns, walnuts, pinecones and other nature items for play and crafts.  We put on our flannels and sweaters and clothing that envelops us in warm hugs.  And we venture into the darker months.

As it grows colder, the children will not want to spend so much time out of doors, and we will move to more indoor activities.  We will read more, draw more, bake more, craft more and snuggle more.  We will prepare for the upcoming holidays and make gifts for our loved ones.  And we will draw closer to one another.

The year is putting on her colorful pajamas.  Soon she will be covered in a blanket of snow, sleeping peacefully until spring.


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