House Rules

I wrote these house rules several years ago, when the Bean was a baby. The house rules apply to everyone who is at the house – adults included. We lived by them and loved them. They hung on the fridge so we could see them every day. Then, when we moved to this house, the fridge wouldn’t hold magnets because it is brushed aluminum, and I put my house rules away. One day when I went to look for them, I was unable to find them anywhere! It was so sad, because we had loved the way they were written.

Fast forward a few years and I was cleaning out my desk to move it out of the room that I’m changing into our classroom space (yes, I’m already rearranging our classroom space), and THERE IT WAS! I’m so excited to have the rules back! So, I’m sharing here for anyone else who is looking for a great set of house rules.

Barr House Rules
1. Everyone is to be respectful and treat others with dignity.

2. Everyone is to work together to keep the house orderly. We must all clean up after ourselves as much as possible.

3. Respect others’ things.

4. Everyone is to work towards better communication and to continue learning the nice and appropriate way to say things.

5. We do not waste things just because we may not want them. We have respect for the Earth and all other living things.

What are your house rules?


3 thoughts on “House Rules

  1. I like the rules on your list a lot. I love lists and I wonder now why I never made up a list of rules? I had a list of cooking rules when I first started teaching my older kids. To this day if you say, “Rule #1?” to them they’ll say “Keep it in the bowl!” (Seemed very important when they were small and loved to stir!)I think I might assign myself the task of making us a house rules list. Thanks for the idea!


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