How to Clean a Playroom

One thing that my five year old has struggled with for the past many months is that she is on the verge of being able to do many things completely on her own – but she isn’t quite there yet.  Helping her to do it herself has been a great project of mine.  One thing that she loves is her cleaning charts.  They help her to see her way through the madness of a mess and find a way to organize her efforts.  Since we’ve been moving things around so much lately, it was time for a new cleaning chart.  We made it today, and it has now been printed up and is ready to hang in the playroom.

This is what it looks like.  And just so we are clear, the writing is just to help any adults helping her to clean the playroom.

Cleaning the Playroom


Pick up the dress up items and hang them on the wall or put them in the dress up basket or silks in the silks basket.

Pick up kitchen items and put in the kitchen – food in fridge, dishes in cabinet, utensils in drawer, small appliances on top of “counter”.

Doll clothing and diapers in changing station.  Dolls in doll furniture.

Nature items, clothespins, spools, fabric scraps and musical instruments in baskets on shelves.


Dollhouse and farm items in dollhouse, barn or bushel basket.


Items in cubbies put away.  Cars and trucks go in basket on top.  Balls in one cubby.  Crocheted gnomes in crocheted bag.  Wooden gnomes and fairies in one cubby.  Trees and mushrooms in one cubby.  Train tracks in one cubby.  Bean bags in one cubby.  Hand puppets in one cubby.

Horses, jumping ball and other large toys at back end of playroom.

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