Acorn Hunt!

Today, we went hunting for acorns to add to our classroom and toy collection.

We don’t have any oaks on our property, nor any on our usual walking route. Ok, there is one oak with the tiniest little acorns on our route, but I was really hoping for BIG ones. So, a quick “wanted” post on Freecycle yielded some good leads, with one being just a few blocks away from the house. We took our baskets and set off to find some good acorns! It didn’t take the kids long to gather up a significant amount.

We took them home and added them to a basket on the shelf. These acorns will become many things – play food, people, decorations, money, even math manipulatives when the time comes! This is the joy of truly open ended toys – they can become so many things beyond what they are.


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