Tutorial – How to Change a Prefold Cloth Diaper: So Easy a 5 Year Old Can Do It

People often say that cloth diapering is so scary, because you practically have to know origami to be able to fold the diapers and put them on the baby. This just isn’t so. There are cloth diapers now that use snap or velcro type closures and are no more difficult than changing a disposable. Prefold diapers are the ones people often think of when they think cloth diapers, though, and they do take a bit more learning. However, they are cheaper than the easier options, and really, with just a little know how, anyone can change a cloth diaper! Just to prove it, the Bean would like to show you how.

Step 1: Take off diaper cover – for us, wool longies.

Step 2: Take off the Snappi.

Step 3: Take off wet diaper. Be sure to check for poop before pulling out the diaper.

Step 4: Hold both legs by the ankle, and lift. Place diaper under bottom, making sure to have the top of the diaper just above the belly button height.

Step 5: Pull diaper between legs and fold in thirds, like a towel.

Step 6: Pull diaper over crotch area so that it is snug against the bottom.

Step 7: Leaving the area between the legs folded, open the folds out at the top. This sounds much trickier than it is.

Step 8: It is sort of hard to see in this picture, but you need to fold the diaper down and to the inside, so that the top of the front of the diaper is below the naval.

Step 9: Wrap the front edges of the diaper down around the sides and wrap the back edges up, overlapping the front.

Step 10: Replace Snappi. Apply one long arm first. Stretch Snappi and apply the second arm next. Be sure that both arms are gripping the back part of the diaper that is folded around baby. Then stretch and attach the short arm.

Step 11: Replace diaper cover.

With a little bit of practice, this can all be done in about a minute. The Bean can do it in about a minute and a half, these days.


6 thoughts on “Tutorial – How to Change a Prefold Cloth Diaper: So Easy a 5 Year Old Can Do It

  1. It IS that easy! I was always intimidated by prefolds, but when I was gifted a diaper service, and the woman came over before my baby was born to show me how to do it, I was like, “That’s it? Really?” All those years of thinking it was hard, and all that hearsay about them only being for “pros.”

    Love the adorable pics!


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