The Gift of Creation

Welcome to the August Carnival of Natural Parenting: Creating With Kids
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The past few weeks, the heat index at our house has been right around 106 degrees Fahrenheit.  We’ve, unfortunately, been running the air conditioner nearly non-stop.  The garden is producing, the kids have been playing in the sprinkler, and the chickens have slowed down their laying because it is so hot.

And I’ve pulled out the wool.  I whipped out a pair of mittens for Papa’s birthday on the 26th, and when that was done, I finished up a new pair of shorties for Squeaker.

Then, I picked up the sweater I had started for the Bug this past spring.  I had it all done but the sleeves, and now I’ve got the sleeves about half way done.  I’ve also got the yarn already for the Bean’s winter sweater, and a pattern picked out for a sweater for Squeaker.  Beanie will need a new hat this year, and a friend volunteered to make her a crocheted fire helmet.  Squeaker, the Bug, and Papa all have hats already.  I’ve got a cowl that doubles as hat and scarf, usually.  I may make myself a hat if I have time.  And I believe everyone should already have mittens that fit.  I’ll have to get everything out and try it on when I get the sweaters done.

And then there is the sewing!  The Bug can wear Beanie’s coat from last year, and we have the Bug’s wardrobe from when he was a baby, so Squeaker should be set.  Beanie will need a bigger coat this year, and we picked out wool for it.  She also wants some winter dresses, so I’m going to upcycle some old wool sweaters into long dresses for her.  That should be warm!  They both have flannel lined corduroy pants from last year that should still fit them, and I’ll likely make them new ones this year.  They have also announced that they want flannel lined overalls.  I suppose that we will need to buy or find a few shirts, and probably a few more sweaters for them.  But overall, I make quite a bit of their clothing, especially for winter.

Looking at this list just exhilarates me!  My family and I all love this creative process and watching something come out of something else.  A ball of string turns into a hat, mittens, a sweater, slippers, or any other number of things!  An old sweater with a hole in it becomes a dress, or pants, or a vest, or a diaper cover, or a quilt liner – the list goes on.  A flat piece of fabric becomes a warm article of clothing!  It is magic!  I remember that magic from when I was a child.  Watching my mother turn this flat piece of cloth into an amazing, beautiful dress for me.  Watching my grandmother make a fuzzy piece of flannel into the warmest nightgown I’d ever owned (nightgown!  Beanie wants flannel nightgowns, and the Bug wants nightshirts too!  Add that to the list!).  I was lucky to have people in my life who were so crafty to show me what the possibilities are.  Because making something for someone is so much more than just providing a layer of clothing, or something pretty to look at.  It is providing love, art, warmth, a process, and togetherness to that person.  I look back at those memories of my mother and grandmother making me clothing and I feel that love all over again.  I look at my daughter wearing my first flannel nightgown, and I am amazed that a second generation is now feeling the warmth of my grandmother’s love.  I look at the quilts that Papa’s grandmother made and gave us and I feel her love, even though she is gone.  I watch my children when we are planning a project, and making it, and I watch their joy as they experience the process.  The light in their faces when we pull out “their” dish cloths – the ones they picked and planned out and I knitted – is amazing.  Especially in a world where so much is disposable and taking the time to make one’s own dish cloth can seem outlandish.

Creating for the people you love is such a wonderful gift.  It is a gift of so many layers beyond what it would outwardly seem to be.


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7 thoughts on “The Gift of Creation

  1. You amaze me with all of the crafting you get done with three kids! But I can tell how much of a priority for you it is, and now I know why – of course it’s an act of love! I put that same thought into anything I make for Kieran, but making things just isn’t my love language – it seems to be yours 🙂


  2. “Creating for the people you love is such a wonderful gift. It is a gift of so many layers beyond what it would outwardly seem to be.” Amen!I’ve just started trying to knit again. I never was very skilled at it, but I’m trying to focus on progress rather than perfection because I don’t want my kids to hang out on the sidelines of any activity just because they’re not a natural at it or have to work hard to learn the skill.Thank you for sharing!


  3. I admire you! I cannot do anything with a needle and thread, neither can I knit or crotchet. But I totally agree about the magic in turning things into something else. My creativity comes out in baking and I love how mixing a few things together, giving them a stir or kneading and then baking is like alchemy! Thanks for sharing your happy post!


  4. Wow, how wonderful that you are making so much of your families clothing! The simplicity of it all really strikes me — the fact that your kids have just one or a few of certain items, but that you know that it fits, its warm and of high quality. And made with love! I have a drawer stuffed with kids hats and mittens, for example, but I have no idea what fits who (or if anything actually fits each kid well) and so many of them are flimsy or missing a match, etc. It sounds so much easier to manage one set of nice mittens, hat and coat per family member! Thanks for reminding me that crafting/creating and simplicity go hand in hand.


  5. Fantastic! It’s so wonderful that in such an otherwise throwaway society there are still people like you who really go out of their way to make the things they need and desire. It’s a great aspiration of mine, as it is for many, but you have really achieved it!I echo the comments on finding the time – how DO you do it?! I struggle with my two to find time even to blog or answer emails. This year I had great plans to make things for the whole family, and so far I think I’ve finished one garment!Lovely post, thank you 🙂


  6. Your list makes me happy, too! I love the generational aspect of sewing and creating. My grandmothers and my mom, too, did all things needlework, and even though I didn’t pick up much of it till I was an adult, I like to think it’s in my DNA, and that I can now pass it along. It’s so satisfying to outfit your family!


  7. Wow, I admire your knitting and sewing skills! Even more, I admire how you recycle materials – and love. This is definitely the type of craft I’d like to get into. I don’t know how you do it!Btw, love your blog template 🙂


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