Moving Into Spring

While we technically have a few weeks left before Spring officially begins, we all know that it doesn’t really happen all at once. At our house, the little green things are “poking their noses up”, the weather has been warming up a bit, and we’ve seen the return of some of our bird friends who do not winter in town. In the same vein, we have begun moving into Spring at our house, as well. We also make the transition slowly.

A week or so ago, we went through our bins of stored clothing in the basement and pulled out the warm weather clothes in the appropriate sizes for 3 little people. We took inventory to figure out what else would be needed. Each child has a box in the bottom of their closet that their clothes in the next size, or for the next season go in, and as things are outgrown they are also tossed in these boxes. When the season changes, we take out all of the outgrown clothing and put it in the storage bins, and add the upcoming season’s clothing to the box. Thus, the warm weather clothing is waiting for the warm weather to come, nestled in the boxes in the bottom of the closet. That first 80* day that sneaks up on us will not be met with us ransacking the basement for clothing that got dusty in storage!

This week, we changed our nature table over, getting it ready for Spring. We cleared off all of the outdated items, cleaned off the dust from nuts and twigs, and removed the old silk background. We added some silks in spring colors first. Then we spent a day crafting new items for the table! We made pom pom chicks, filled a wee flower pot with brightly colored dried flowers, made a bird’s nest and filled it with clay eggs, and created a clay adult bird to sit with the eggs. We added some little figurines of Spring time animals as well. There is still plenty of room to add to the table as the season goes on, but for now, it is well matched to the changes happening outside our windows!

Next, we will be taking down our snowmen on the mantle and replacing them with bunnies, eggs, and chicks!

We’ll also be getting out our Spring books and packing up the Winter titles.

Happy Spring preparations!


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