This is How We Treat People

We treat all people with respect.
*We respect their needs.  We know that meeting the needs of someone else can be done without compromising our own needs.  We respect that if someone has a need, ignoring it or punishing them for it will not cause the need to go away.
*We respect their physical bodies.  We do not hit.  We do not bite.  We do not throw things at people.  We ask before removing their clothing.  When we need to touch them, we ask first (unless, of course, permission has been given long before).  We do not touch them in ways they do not like.
*We respect their possessions.  We do not break, write on, disfigure, or otherwise harm the possessions of others.

We speak nicely.
*There is a nice way to say everything.  We search it out, and use it.
*We make requests of others, not demands.  Giving someone a command only gives them 2 choices – obey or disobey.  Neither is a good choice.
*We say please and thank you.  Even when what we are asking for is not optional; “Please stop sneezing on me.  Thank you!”
*Sometimes we yell, but we apologize when we calm down.
*We do not call names, degrade, shame, or tear someone down.

We follow through on what we say.
*When we say something, we mean it.
*If we make a promise, we make good on it.
*We set boundaries and stick to them.
*We respect the boundaries of others.

This is how we treat people at our house.  This is how we treat all of the people at our house.  Whether they are over or under 18 years old.  Whether they have 2 legs or 4.  Whether they live here or not.


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