January 2

We got rid of our television!  I’m so excited!  It seems like a big step and yet, it was something we rarely used.  I do tend to take my Mommy time in front of Gray’s Anatomy every week, but when it is in re-runs I don’t watch at all.  And I decided it would be better for the family if I watched it after the wee ones are in bed, on the computer.  So, off the television went – to freecycle.  The room is so much lighter without the box taking up space in front of the window, and looks so much cleaner.  It has been much more enjoyable to sit on the couch since it was taken down.

My other New Year’s exertion seems to be that the decluttering bug has bitten me again.  I am a natural declutter-er and I am far happy getting rid of things than accumulating them.  As a family, we have a goal of our home being 90+% plastic free.  So, culling plastic that has been replaced is a good outlet for the declutter bug.  I’ve been getting out bigger clothes for Bean (hand-me downs and freecycle receipts that have been in storage) and purging the polyester, nylon, rayon, acrylic, etc.  There has been quite a bit of New Year’s cleaning going on as well.  Crafting is next!  I’ve nearly finished Bean‘s second mitten.  I don’t know what will be next.  It seems that everything is priority over everything else.

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